Top 19 Best Pimple Pops Videos

Pimples are as normal as breathing, but many people feel worried when they look in the mirror and notice a lot of pimples. We’ve gathered some of the best pimple popping videos you’ll find out there, all compiled here for you to witness.

In addition, there are not a few people who decide to pop their pimples without the help of a dermatologist.

However, these doctors do not recommend doing this at home, but this does not take away from the pleasure of popping these pimples and seeing all the dirt come out of them.

Pimple popping videos 2020

2020 was a shocking year for all humanity, but thanks to the quarantine, we got a lot more pimple pops videos, which are going to be separated into different categories.

1. Family popping out pimples

Who said that popping pimples wasn’t a family job? Clearly, this family is close enough to do this task together.


2. Huge pimple pops

Some pimples are bigger than others, and this is the perfect example of how a huge pimple can be popped out in an explicit way.

Next, we have a compilation of some of the most satisfying pimple pop videos.


Best pimples popping videos 2021

This is a list of videos where you can see plenty of huge blackheads being popped out from last year.

3. Dermdoctor

Watch this Dermdoctor do his magic of pimple extraction with this TikTok compilation of pimple-popping videos.


4. Disgusting zit popping

Not everyone has the stomach to watch some of these videos, but if you can watch these disgusting pimple popping videos of 2021, you can make it through anything.


5. Cyst extraction

Now we are getting into deeper territory here with this cyst extraction video. Let’s hope you can watch the whole thing.


Pimple popping videos new YouTube

As we move forward into 2022, more and more people are joining the trend of posting pimple popping videos online.

6. Bloody Cyst

Do you enjoy bloody cyst explosions? Then watch this clear example of a bloody cyst popping.


7. Dr. Lee or Dr. pimple popper

Watch how Dr. Lee is able to tackle this massive lipoma from a patient’s back successfully. Get ready to watch something truly disgusting yet filling.


Extreme pimple pops videos

Even though it’s not easy to pick a list of the best pimple pops videos, we can still recommend a lot of them.

8. Cyst compilation

If you are not satisfied with just one video, we invite you to watch this compilation of Cysts explosions.


9. Back extraction

Pimples can also appear on other areas of the body, such as the back. In this video, you will see a huge pimple on a person’s back, and the process of popping it out.


10. Ear pimple

Have you discovered a pimple hidden near your ear? If you have then you can definitely relate to the video we posted below.


11. YouTubers have zits too

Logan Paul is the perfect example of how YouTubers are human. Watch this as part of our pimples popping videos and see how Logan Paul deals with his own zits.

As you can see there are plenty of pimple-popping videos for you to find, and if you want more, we have other compilations.


New blackhead removal videos

New videos are uploaded daily, and thanks to that, we can add more videos to our list. Check out these amazing pimples popping videos.

12. Cysts and pimples

Why settle for pimple videos when you can watch cysts videos as well? Relax because in the following video you will find a compilation of both cysts and pimples.


13. Big blackheads

Blackheads tend to be very common for anyone. Luckily they can be popped out easily if they are not too big. For that reason, in this video, you are going to see a big blackhead in all its glory.


14. Disgusting pimples

Not anyone has the stomach to make it through the entirety of these videos. However, if you were born with a strong stomach, then you won’t have a hard time getting through the next video.


15. Packed cyst

Usually, cysts are packed with liquids, which can hurt when they form a huge cyst. If you want to see an explosion of packing, check this out.


Nasty Pimple Pops Videos

Lastly, we want to show you a list of extra gross videos of pimple popping for you to see how it’s done. This particular playlist includes more shocking videos than the rest of the lists.

16. Relax and popp

Do you enjoy watching videos of pimple popping? Then here you have a set of videos that are going to fulfill your need to watch people get their pimples popped out for them.


17. Unexpected pimple

Can you believe that there are people that didn’t know they had such huge pimples? Well in the following video you are going to take a closer look at how a shocked person gets a pimple popped out effectively.


18. Crazy pimples

Pimples can come in any size and they can appear basically anywhere. Watch the following video to get to know some of the craziest pimples that have appeared on someone’s skin.


19. Graphic cyst

We saved the worst for last. In the following video, you are going to see a massive cyst explosion, caused by an efficient tackle.


This is the end of our compilations. Don’t eat lunch if you don’t want to throw up.

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