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How to Get Rid of Pimples Around Lips

Pimples Around Lips
How to Get Rid of Pimples Around Lips
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Many people, men and women alike, suffer from pimples around lips. In fact, pimples around lips are also difficult to treat, considering that the area around the mouth is sensitive. This area is also prone to clogging of pores due to various reasons. Treating pimples around lips would depend on the knowledge on why this condition is present.

What Causes Pimples Around your Lips

The most common cause of pimples around lips is overuse of lip balms, which is prevalent among women. Excess oil from the lip balm tends to go to the area around the lips and clogs the pores in that particular area. Another common cause of having pimples around lips could be the toothpaste on pimples used by the person affected. Toothpaste may contain ingredients that may clog pores or may irritate the skin around the mouth. Other interesting causes include talking on the phone, fingernail biting, resting hands on face, and kissing.

Men are also prone to get pimples around lips from shaving. In fact, the skin around the lips may easily get irritated from the razor, which may form pimples. The shaving cream may also be the culprit, as this may clog pores if not thoroughly washed off.

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Just like in treating pimples in other areas, perhaps the most important step is to avoid picking on the pimples. Pricking the pimples around mouth is strictly prohibited as this habit can make the pimples worse and can also produce scarring.

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Another highly vital step in treating pimples around mouth is to consult a physician who will rule out its cause. It is actually possible that having pimples around mouth is not just an ordinary skin problem; it may be a sign of oral herpes. Consulting a medical doctor may help in addressing the root cause of the problem. He or she can also prescribe necessary medications for the problem.

If the person uses too much lip balm or applies lip balm very frequently, he or she should exert some effort in stop applying it. Lanolin and mineral oil-based products should also be avoided. The toothpaste brand used by the person affected may also be switched to another brand that contains ingredients that do not irritate the skin.

People who frequently have pimples around mouth, and even those who want to avoid having them, should always keep the area around the mouth clean. It is advisable to ensure that the entire face is clean from all dirt, makeup, and excess oil. A gentle oil-free facial cleanser should be used in keeping the face clean to avoid having pimples around lips.