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Why Do I Have Acne

What Causes Acne Around the Lips?

Acne Around the Lips
What Causes Acne Around the Lips?
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Let’s take a look at what acne is and some causes acne around the lips.

Acne results from oil clogging up in the skin follicles. It then becomes a breeding area for bacteria. Areas of inflammation which are trapped under the skin are created by the bacteria. Those areas are called acne. Many different factors can cause acne around the lips. A different method for is required for treating each type of acne. You need to find the cause of your acne break-outs.

Why do i have Acne Around the Lips?

  • Stress

Stress can be a cause of acne around the lips. When you have stress, certain chemicals are released in the body. Chemicals such as cortisol or adrenaline can cause a disruption in the organs of your body functioning properly. You need to find ways of relieving stress. Exercise and walks help to relieve stress. You can also drink chamomile tea which is a calming tea.

  • Hormones

Hormones can be another culprit. Puberty and pregnancy can cause a surge of hormones which cause an imbalance. Your body starts to overly produce oil in your skin when hormone levels become too high. To treat this kind of acne you need to make sure your diet includes fresh vegetables and fruits. Start a vigorous exercise regimen. Stay away from dairy products and refined sugars.

  • Allergies

Acne around the lips can be caused by a food allergy or an allergy to a substance. These substances could have either been ingested or come in contact with your skin. Products such as lotions, detergents, or cleaners that touch your skin can cause a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction can cause your skin to get inflamed which causes the follicles to get congested with oil. The oil allows the bacteria to grow and to form acne. Avoiding soaps, cleaners, lotions, perfumes, and detergents which have harsh chemicals can help stop this kind of acne.

  • Chemicals

If you overuse skin care products, that can also cause acne to worsen. Some products sold over the counter for acne can often contain harsh chemicals. Those chemical can inflame and irritate skin. Natural products would be the safest products to use on your skin. They do not contain chemical or artificial ingredients.

  • Picking

Acne around the lips is very irritating. You may be urged and tempted to pick at it. That can cause your acne to worsen. You have dirt on your hands which you are transferring to irritated skin. That causes more bacteria to get trapped in your pores which cause your acne condition to worsen. Reduce the time you are in front of a mirror.

  • Make-up

For women, the makeup can be another cause of acne around the lips. Foundation makeup clogs the pores on your face. The clogged pores can cause the bacteria causes your pores to fill with puss. Then women try to cover up the acne blemishes with more foundation which just adds to the problem. Sometimes old makeup causes an outbreak. A bacterium that has been left in older makeup breeding is then applied to your face which causes an outbreak. Two of leading bacterial growing makeup is liquid eye makeup and foundation.

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