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Why Do I Have Acne

How to Treat Pimples During Pregnancy?

Pimples During Pregnancy
How to Treat Pimples During Pregnancy?
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Pimples During Pregnancy: Unfortunately, not all women experience that “healthy pregnant glow” and whether you suffered with pimples before getting pregnant will not necessarily dictate the health of your skin during pregnancy.

In other words, you may suffer with severe acne before getting pregnant and have beautifully smooth skin during pregnancy or vice versa.

Of course, pimples treatment during pregnancy is tricky, because it is best to avoid antibiotics and topical creams where possible. So, how to clear pimples during pregnancy?

Should I Seek Medical Advice?

If symptoms are severe, then it is wise to seek the advice of a doctor or dermatologist. Obviously, before seeking any pimples treatment, the pregnancy should be borne in mind.

Therefore, if you are considering using topical creams or making alterations to your diet, it is highly recommended that you speak to your doctor.

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How to Prevent Pimples During Pregnancy?

As mentioned above, there is no way to predict who will have pimples during pregnancy. Typically, women will develop skin problems during the first trimester, when hormone levels are fluctuating wildly.

Some women find that the pimples clears up during the second trimester whereas otherwise will suffer with pimples right up until the birth.

Unfortunately, there is no certain way of preventing pimples. However, it is believed that a healthy diet and other small measures can have a positive effect on the health of your skin and therefore reduce the risk of developing pimples.

What to use for Pimples During Pregnancy?

Natural Solutions:

These measures are believed to reduce the risk of pimples outbreaks and pose no danger to your unborn baby. Of course, as mentioned above, it is wise to seek the advice of a doctor before making any alterations to diet or lifestyle.

However, some of the things you may like to consider include:

  • Taking daily exercise, as this will increase circulation and promote perspiration, which will help to cleanse the body of toxins.
  • Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (green vegetables are particularly good). If you are eating fruit and vegetables raw, you should always wash them thoroughly first.
  • Ensure that you are drinking between six and eight glasses of water per day. Water is important for cleansing the body of toxins and the unruly hormones that are playing havoc with your skin.
  • Don’t wash too frequently. Washing more than two or three times per day will dry out the skin and exacerbate the problem.
  • Switch to a sensitive soap or facial wash.
  • Make sure that you are using non oil-based make up. In addition, remove all make up before going to bed and use a disposal sponge or cotton wool ball to reduce the spread of bacteria.
  • Similarly, never squeeze your pimples, as this will spread bacteria and result in a larger outbreak of acne.

These simple steps can prove to be effective methods of pimples treatment during pregnancy. However, if you are concerned about the severity of your acne or making alterations to your diet, seek the advice of your doctor.