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How to Treat Neonatal Acne

neonatal acne
How to Treat Neonatal Acne
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Neonatal Acne Treatment

Acne in babies or neonatal acne is a very common anomaly that somehow affects many children over several weeks of age. Some pediatricians say that the best treatment to slow the onset of acne is to do nothing, since it is somehow considered to be a natural condition and will go away on its own if we follow a daily cleaning care on the face of infants Affected.

There are cases where the situation is extremely extreme, it is necessary to apply treatments to control acne.

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How can we treat neonatal acne in infants at an early age?

In the following paragraphs we will be helping you with some practical and dynamic tips to help you to eliminate neonatal acne, on the face of your baby.

Washing of the skin:

It is essential to be very conscious when washing the face or the affected part of our babies, since if we do so using commonly used and highly perfumed soaps we run the risk that the problem will increase even more.

Try as much as possible not to wash your face more than 2 times a day, as washing face constantly can cause irritations which will become a negative factor in the slowing of acne.

It is recommended not to use oily creams:

Try not to apply creams to the face or affected part of your baby since most of the creams are high in fat, which is an agent that multiplies acne.

In the case where you notice that the skin of your baby seems to be too dry, you can use some moisturizing cream and you are attentive to the reaction of the skin.

Under no circumstances should you squeeze your shins:

It is extremely dangerous to try to squeeze the pimples since you can cause irreversible problems to the skin of your baby and in any case you would be accelerating the appearance of lumps in the face.

Being aware and patient, neonatal acne can last a certain time in completely disappearing from the skin of our babies.

Acne in babies usually lasts longer when they feed on the breast, since the same hormones that produce the oil to which the baby was exposed in the uterus also receives them from the mother’s milk.

Do not use any medication:

You can use pharmacy remedies with your doctor’s permission.

Preferably it is best to avoid using these remedies, unless they are extreme cases.

Colloidal silver ion solution is generally considered safer than hydrocortisone cream.

Just apply a little of any product on your baby’s skin and use the product a maximum of twice a day for two days.

Taking into consideration that neonatal acne can be a natural and temporary case it is highly recommended to maintain medical supervision as it is the health of our baby we have to be diligent and do not worsen the situation of our infants.