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Why Do I Have Acne

What are some acne myths?

acne myths
What are some acne myths?
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Acne myths and facts

Next we will analyze the acne myths of reality and learn how to eliminate pimples and acne. Let’s deny some acne myths.

More tips on acne care:

Masturbation or sex causes acne

Not true. This notion probably came about as a way to put people off masturbating and having sexual relations at an early age.

Get more sun to get rid of acne

Not true, in fact, too much sun is actually bad for the skin. Notice I said too much sun, as the sun’s ray are actually good for the skin in limited doses as we get vitamin D from it.

If you have acne you must have a bad diet

Some people are allergic to certain foods, and as a result, should avoid using them, as they may suffer acne as an allergic reaction. In general, most people don’t suffer acne causing allergic reactions, and studies have shown there is no correlation between diet and acne.

Popping spots is a good way to clear your skin

Not true. Popping a pimple, may reduce its size for the short term, but it can often make the spot stay around for longer, and also cause further spots in that region, as you’re pushing the acne causing bacteria deep within the skin.

Popping spots can also cause the area to scar, which could remain for weeks or even months, and in extreme cases cause the area to pit, which can last forever.