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Why Do I Have Acne

Why do I have back acne?

Why do I have back acne

A little inside info on what acne really is before I go into back acne treatments.

Acne is also called acne vulgaris and is not just a problem for teens, but for people between 10 and 40 years old. It is no discriminator of people…both men and women are equally affected. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for women to develop acne in their mid to late-20′s, even if they’ve never had it before.

Acne can show up as:

  1. Whiteheads,
  2. Blackheads,
  3. Pimples (affectionately known’s as zits),
  4. Pustules, or
  5. Cysts (really deep pimples, sometimes called boils).

They show up mostly on areas of the body where there are lots of “oily” glands, i.e. face, forehead, shoulders, back, chin, and chest.

What causes back acne?

There is NO ONE cause of back acne. It is multifactorial. I think that is why a lot of so-called acne “cures” don’t work in the long term. They address one factor, while neglecting the rest of them.

Why do I have acne on my back?

Here are just a few of the contributing factors…

  1. Hormones,
  2. Adrenals,
  3. Stress,
  4. Bacteria,
  5. Inflammation,
  6. Heredity,
  7. Cosmetics,
  8. Drugs,
  9. Environment, and
  10. Diet

The factors which trigger back acne can come from the increasing in the activity of hormone, the use of cosmetics, genetic conditions, some particular medications, the trapping of bacteria underneath the skin, certain environmental factors, stress with imbalance in diet, losing sleep and the consumption of oily, spicy or dairy food.

That is why any effective acne treatment, worth its weight in salt, needs to consider the whole body for it to work.

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How to get rid of back acne naturally?

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Back acne is one of the worst things that some people may have to overcome throughout their life. The main reason for back acne is that the pores on our human body become clogged and thus result in the formation of acne in the upper arms, back, and buttocks. There are many ways to treat this back acne but if you are looking for specifically for a guide on how to get rid of back acne naturally, then you may want to consider the following steps.

-Try to cut down on the intake of a large proportion of refined sugars; this greatly helps in the reduction of acne symptoms.

-Dairy products are believed to be the major contribution for hormonal imbalances in our human body and acne, so it is better to keep away from unnecessary dairy products.

-Try to drink a sufficient amount of water as this helps you maintain healthy skin which is free from acne.

-Try to cut down on refined fats and start eating good fats. Refined-fats are considered as the first enemy to our heart’s health and they even bring down the health of our skin, so they must be avoided at all costs. Not all fats are considered bad, but there are still some good fats available which are called essential fatty acids; these types of fats play an important role in our skin health.

-The daily amount of fruits and vegetables consumed should be increased by those asking how to get rid of back acne naturally. This is because most people have a more acidic diet which directly affects their skin health and by consuming raw/organic fruits and vegetables, people can easily come out of acne on back problem.

It is even suggested by the experts that the natural way to get rid of acne on back is to start consuming more healthy foods which keep our body healthy for a long time. Back acne is resistant to treatment because the skin at our back is thicker than any other parts of our body and because of this, curing back acne naturally might take a long time. If proper treatment to back acne is delayed, its consequences may be extremely costly.

Neem leaves are another way to get rid of back acne naturally; these leaves are considered as the best source for back acne treatment which, when mixed with sandalwood, mud and honey, remove the majority of acne on back. As of now, how to get rid of back acne naturally is what is rolling into the minds of many people across the world. If you are someone who has tried all the natural remedies for back acne and still have seen no results, then it is best to approach a dermatologist immediately. Consulting with a dermatologist even during the starting stage may help prevent your acne on back problem from getting worse.