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How to Prevent Scalp Pimples

Scalp Pimples
How to Prevent Scalp Pimples
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Scalp pimples are a common problem that you may already have experienced because it is a condition that affects more than just a few people. It can occur at any age. Knowing how to get rid of scalp pimples fast is essential not only to your social life but to your general overall health as well.

Scalp pimples can be very annoying because they are at the root of your hairs and can be very itchy at times but the thing is they are in hard to reach areas. You will notice them only once you comb or brush your hair because it is painful when they get struck by the tip of the comb or brush bristles. There’s no need for you to be alarmed because there is a remedy to this.

It is best to consult a dermatologist regarding this because they can give you advice in curing your scalp condition. They are the ones who can diagnose accurately and identify which version of scalp condition you have. The different scalp conditions include seborrhea dermatitis, scalp folliculitis or inflamed hair follicles.

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Currently, it is not determined exactly what causes these bumps in your scalp to appear but they know that yeast, mites or other micro organisms can live in your scalp which may cause scalp pimples to come out. Pimples on scalp itchy might also be an allergic reaction caused by harsh chemicals from hair dyes or other types of hair treatments. But in men, it most commonly cause by the excessive Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on their scalp.

The dermatologists usually treat severe conditions of scalp pimples with steroids but if the condition is mild, these are your treatment options to effectively get rid of scalp pimples fast.

How to treat scalp pimples

1. Wash your hair with shampoo regularly to kill whatever micro organisms are thriving underneath them. In choosing shampoos, you may buy the medicated shampoo with antibacterial ingredients or buy the hypo allergenic ones to avoid this problem from ever Come back because the shampoo cleans your scalp thoroughly without the strong chemical based ingredients that may be too strong for the scalp.

2. You may opt to buy over the counter pimple treatments such as salicylic acid, topical medications for pimples and Benzoyl Peroxide because they remove the dirt blocking your hair follicles. You may apply the medication after shampooing.

3. Take note of this, if ever you come across the information about sulfur solution to treat this type of skin condition, don’t take it. Avoid using sulfur solutions because it is not recommended for treating scalp pimples.

4. Do not experiment with other hair medications unless you get the dermatologist’s advice because DHT has its own medication and cure. But the best way to prevent scalp pimples is to be careful with hair treatments and practice good scalp hygiene.

Following these steps will be sure to help you get rid of scalp pimples in the least amount of time.