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How to remove whiteheads

How to remove whiteheads
How to remove whiteheads
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How to remove whiteheads at home

Scientists still do not know the exact reason why people get whiteheads on their skin, but one thing may be said about whiteheads for sure: they do not make your skin look beautiful. Hence, they have to be removed and here we will take a look at how to remove whiteheads.

Of course, whiteheads can be removed manually, or saying it in other words, popped out. However, this is not the best solution to resort to. The major problem with squeezing out whiteheads is that they tend to go under instead of popping out.

A whitehead is a pore that is clogged up with skin sebum and dead skin cells. It is covered up by a thin layer of skin, which makes it even harder for you to squeeze them. What you risk when you do it manually is to get all the sebum, dirt and bacteria going deeper into your skin, instead of going out. This may cause skin inflammation, skin infection and turning your whiteheads into pimples and nodules.

How to remove whiteheads with tool

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Now, once you understand that you’d better not squeeze them with your fingers, what are the options for removing whiteheads? Well, there are treatments and acne skin care products, but you can also use a tool called whitehead remover. It’s a little metal stick with a tiny funny loop on its end. It is made of stainless steel and it provides just the right pressure to your skin to pop your whiteheads out.

Of course, it is best to let a professional remove your whiteheads with the use of such comedone extractor. But you should know that there are extractors available for home use. The prices for such extractors range from 2 dollars to more than 50. There are several kinds of these tools available. Some of them are spoon extractors, others are lancet comedone extractors.

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Spoon extractors are more ‘gentle’ to your skin. One of these tools is used to prick the whitehead, as it is covered up with a thin layer of skin, and the other end is used to pop it out. This tool hardly causes any damage to your skin.

There are also extractors that are fitted to remove both whiteheads and blackheads. For instance, a fine loop extractor with one end used for open comedones and the other end used for closed ones.

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The extractors can be easily sterilized in boiling water or using spirit or both together. Some of them might have a titanium glaze.  Before you use the extractor, you should make your pores open up. If your whiteheads are located on your nose or face, you may apply a warm towel to your acne or steam your face with hot water. You may also use some cosmetic creams or lotions, which help your pores to exfoliate faster and soften up the comedones. Then you press the extractor against the whitehead and pop it out.

Using a whitehead remover is a great solution, especially if you know how to do it right. It does not damage the skin and does not scar it when removing the white bumps off your face. This tool can help you to make your skin clean and smooth.