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Why Do I Have Acne

White head Acne Treatment

white head acne treatment
White head Acne Treatment
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Best white head acne treatment

There is lots of white head acne treatment on the market today. Which ones are the most effective? Some say use benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria; others may recommend salicylic acid to dry it up. If you are talking to a cosmetic counter, they might say to use a clay mask.

First decide what kind of white head it is prior to deciding the acne treatment.

Is it a pustule? Meaning was it a red pimple and the top of it got white. The kind that no one can stand to leave a lone. It stares right at you in the mirror. Or if you are talking to someone it is the only thing they can focus on.

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If it is a pustule, the best white head acne treatment is slice it opens with a lancet needle. Lancet needles are used by diabetics to prick their fingers to get blood samples. They are very small and have a curved short blade that is easy to control.

When you use your fingers to squeeze out a whitehead, what often happens is disaster. You push down on the bacteria, causing more inflamation. Then you are bursting the whitehead open, causing it to tear the skin making it harder to heal.

Using a lancet needle by pricking or slicing the white head open and then gently squeezing out the bacteria makes for a much cleaner and controlled extraction.

Now you probably have a volcano of bacteria erupting, flowing down your face. First use a little alcohol to help stop the bleeding and decrease the bacteria from spreading.  Then take a band aid with polysporin and treat it like a wound.

That will make it heal faster than any other treatment


Milias are completely different than pustles. These are white harden sebum or oil just under the skin. For some it means that a pustule will come soon, for others that whitehead will just stay there until extracted.

Although pustules and milias are very different, they are both referred to as whiteheads and can be treated in similar fashion.

Milias are very hard, so it is difficult to just prick it and extract it out.  Instead, take the lancet and create an opening on one side of the milia. Once you get the needle in, move the milia around to loosen it up and then take q-tips and push it out.  It is a clean opening and will heal in no time.