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Why Do I Have Acne

What are The Best Supplements for Acne?

Supplements for Acne
What are The Best Supplements for Acne?
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Anyone who has suffered from acne or has had a family member suffer from it knows what a distressing condition it can be. The skin can be sore and painful. Also, acne is an unsightly condition and sufferers are often too self-conscious to go out and be seen when they have an acne flare up. There are many skin preparations and washes etc available to help with acne, but many times, people feel that they need extra, internal Supplements for Acne to help them fight their acne.

Unfortunately, there is no one Supplements for Acne available, but a combination of vitamins and minerals may be effective at easing current acne outbreaks and making further outbreaks in the future less likely. Supplements should never be taken without consulting with your doctor but if you chat with him or her and there are no other underlying medical conditions which may be worsened by acne supplements, you could try a combination of the following:

  • Multi Vitamins

Most of us, in the days of busy lives and convenience foods, are not getting enough vitamins and minerals through our everyday normal diet. Therefore, a good multi vitamin is a useful acne supplement as it helps to boost your immune system and fight infection.

  • Antioxidants

Have you ever noticed how fruit turns brown if it is left out in the open? Or how a nail rusts? These effects are both due to oxidation. We all breathe in oxygen – we have to – so there is similar damage being done to your cells every day. Potentially dangerous and unhealthy free radicals are released in your body during this process and the cellular damage occurs. Stress, smoking and environmental factors make this damage worse. Thankfully, you can do something to about these free radicals. Take a regular antioxidant supplement.

  • Zinc for Acne

Zinc is a useful Supplements for Acne in all sorts of ways. First, it is necessary for the formation of and processing of insulin. This in turn is useful for regulating hormonal levels to cope with the insulin. These hormones, in excess levels, are fundamental for the onset of acne. Zinc is also essential for tissue renewal, which you will need to get over acne and have your skin clear up.

  • Vitamin C

As well as being a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C is essential for making collagen, a vital component in skin.

  • Vitamin B

Vitamin B is important for the proper formation of glucose and its use for energy. Therefore, this supplement is useful for preventing the blood sugar spikes which make acne worse.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps to prevent the cell damage that oxidation can cause. Also, this supplement is useful for a healthy immune system.

So, a regime of Supplements for Acne which contain all of the above elements may be useful in clearing up active acne outbreaks, decreasing the frequency of future acne outbreaks and curing the scarring which usually occurs with acne. You should consult a doctor before undertaking any supplement program and they will be able to let you know the correct daily dosage of each of the Supplements for Acne.