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Why Do I Have Acne

Top 6 foods to prevent acne

prevent acne
Top 6 foods to prevent acne
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How to prevent acne

Learning how to prevent acne is a must if you want clear skin and struggle from breakouts.  In this article we are going to give you a lot of tips to take care of your pimples so you can have clear skin. There are a lot of effective options out there when trying to cure acne, most of these products will even help you get rid of your acne scars. But please be aware that if you do have acne scars you will need some sort of acne scar removal cream for best results.

When you want clear skin the first step is to actually get rid of the current acne you have, then you want to focus on the cause of the acne to prevent it from coming back. To be totally honest, figuring out what causes your acne isn’t too hard, and it all starts with the diet. What does your diet look like? Are you eating the right foods? If you know what foods will help you clear your acne you will be able to start eating them right away.

What foods prevent acne?

Here are the foods you need to consider to prevent acne:

1- Water

Ok, technically this is not food, but it goes along with food. If you consume as much water as you need to every single day you will be able to clear your acne much easier. Also, water helps get rid of oil and flushes out any bad acne causing bacteria in your body.

2- Fruits

We all know that fruits are very good for us, but they are also one of the best ways to treat and cure your acne. The good thing about fruits is they have natural sugar in them so it takes care of your sugar cravings. What we usually do is make smoothies with a bunch of fruits and drink them once or twice per day.

3- Vegetables

I know many of your probably do not like vegetables but the truth is we all need them in order to be healthy and keep a clear face. Getting your greens has proven to help get rid of acne.  We do the same thing with veggies as we do with fruits, blend them and drink them.

4- Fish

I know many of you might think fish is just protein, but it is much more than that! Fish has a lot of healthy fats and these healthy fats do a great job in fighting acne. Not only will it help treat your acne but it has also been proven to help with your brain and memory. If you do not like fish you can always go out and purchase omega three fatty acid pills

5- Whole Grains

Whole grains are the last thing we recommend because of the antioxidants in them. The antioxidants within whole grains are perfect for treating acne because it keeps your skin soft and healthy. However, just because something has antioxidants in it does not mean it wil great for your skin. For example, coffee has a lot of antioxidants but the caffeine can actually cause break outs.

6- Tea

Tea is great for getting in a lot of antioxidants but limiting the caffeine.  If you do not feel like eating whole grains then make sure you drink plenty of tea.

Remember that when learning how to prevent acne, you need to make sure you have a proper diet that is full of protein and omega three.  Cut out the majority of the sugars and you will clear your skin in no time!