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Why Do I Have Acne

How can I get rid of Acne on My Chest?

Acne on My Chest
How can I get rid of Acne on My Chest?
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How to remove acne on my chest

Learning how do i get rid of acne on my chest is not as difficult as you think. Chest acne can be as irritating and self-limiting as facial acne. When you want to go shirtless and bare your chest or cleavage (partially or fully), you tend to feel self conscious because the pimples are quite obvious.

Acne on my chest is also a painful condition to have because my chest comes into contact with clothing more often than my face. The friction is a source of irritation. There are some steps to curing and getting rid of chest acne once and for all. Once chronic acne is controlled, you just have to take some steps to get rid of acne forever.

More tips on acne care:

Follow these few steps daily and you get rid of chest acne for good:

1. Cleanse your chest with anti-bacteria cleanser like carbolic or salicylic acid soap/cleanser.

2. Use an oil-free, fine-grain scrub like St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Acne Prone Skin to gently scrub surrounding areas of affected area, avoiding the acne boils. Over-scrubbing is not a good idea, just do it gently and go around and about acne areas. This helps acne-free patches of skin to stay acne free.

3. Tone your skin with an alcohol-free, oil-absorbing acid-based toner. Eucerin and Neutrogena have some effective acne toners.

4. Apply acne treatment creams like 5%-10% Benzoyl Peroxide (depending on how severe your acne is) or tea tree essential oil or crème followed by an oil-free moisturizer. Skinceuticals Daily Moisturize Pore-minimizing Moisturizer for Normal or Oily Skin is a terrific moisturizer for acne prone skin, face or chest!

Here are some more tips on how I got undo of acne on my chest and stay that way.

1. Wipe away excess sweat after exercising or perspiring.

2. Wear clothes of breathable material such as cotton or linen.

3. Change into fresh clothing after your daily bath.

4. Use an oil-absorbing clay mask twice weekly on your chest. I find that you can do this easily during a relaxing soak in the bathtub. Just fill up your bathtub above chest level so that the water doesn’t reach the chest. Apply the mask for 20 minutes or as long as you like to stay in the tub.

Use the mask after you cleanse with your acid-base cleanser and gentle exfoliator. After masking, follow up with the anti-acne toner, treatment and moisturizer therapy as described in steps on ‘how to get rid of chest acne for good’ above.

Taking these extra measures to make sure your chest stays acne-free is well worth the effort. Now you can strut your stuff proudly and bare your beautiful chest to the world!