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Why Do I Have Acne

Sudden Pimples on Body

Sudden Pimples on Body
Sudden Pimples on Body
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Many people have talked about sudden pimples on body and you might have gotten some advice from your friends on how to deal with it. Here’s another article with some personal tips on what worked for me to cure acne breakout all over body really quickly. First of all, we all know that body acne is one of those conditions that you can’t get rid of fast enough!

It’s terrible to have acne all over face; but when it starts to spread and move to your chest, back shoulders, tummy and other places, it means you can’t shed an item of clothing without risking weird looks from those around you. Facial acne, albeit nasty, is better understood. The sudden pimples on body have a way of looking like you have something infectious – it makes people want to keep away somehow.

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Forget the pool parties and the sun-soaks because everyone is going to be looking at you strange. But if you act fast enough, you can stop it. The longer acne stays, the longer its bound to stick around on your body, so speed is of the essence when fighting pimples on your body.

What Causes sudden pimples on body?

It’s the same thing as facial acne; your skin is moisturizing itself too much by producing too much oil (sebum) which the body cannot utilize and therefore causes little pustules to form – and right there you have an outburst of acne. That’s why the longer you’ve had it, the harder it is to cure; there is quite a collection of it and you can only get rid of it at a certain speed.

There are 2 secrets to fighting acne: to make sure that your hygiene is in top shape, and to use medications. The third, and least known or used, is actually herbal natural remedies – yes, there’s stuff in your kitchen that will go a long way in making those unsightly pimples disappear.

Hygiene Tips to Get Rid of sudden pimples on body

1. Wash once or twice a day. There is a strong temptation to scrub hard. Don’t! Scrubbing will break the skin and this can only lead to infection. Use warm water to wash. Cold water closes up your pores and you’re not getting to where the sebum is. Use an anti acne body wash with benzoyl peroxide. Or you may want to use an herbal soap if you can – they tend to be more chemical free. Aloe Vera soap or neem soap are excellent. Then using a soft wash cloth, soap gently and rinse. Get to all the parts too – it tends to spread.

2. Wear loose clothing – this allows circulation of air all the time. Your skin needs to breath, and the only way it can do this is if you’re in loose clothing. Tight clothing also clings and causes irritation – another way for germs to get in and make your acne worse. After you wear an item, get it washed thoroughly.

3. Avoid irritants – they may be lotions, perfumes or even certain foods. If you are prone to breaking out, keep away from triggers. The moment you break out, bacteria will find a way to get under your skin and you’ll have an outbreak of acne.

4. Do not squeeze – they say it’s the hardest thing not to do, but I think that’s just for pimples on your face. On your body, the temptation to squeeze them should be a lot less. Do not squeeze them however ready-to-squeeze they look. You’ll get them worse.

Natural Home Remedies for sudden pimples on body

These are countless acne products and all their manufacturers swear that theirs is the best. There are no guarantees here. Try and try until you find something that works for you. You may find that something that works even for someone else in your family doesn’t work for you – thus the reason you must keep trying. Don’t be discouraged if one doesn’t work. Try another and another. It may take years but you’ll finally find something that works.

In really bad cases, sudden pimples on body may become painful and you have to see a dermatologist. Even they sometimes prescribe medications that won’t work, so they’ll just keep trying.

Maybe for commercial reasons, the following natural body acne remedies aren’t commonly talked about, but they work better than medications and many times faster.

The 2 most common are Aloe Vera and neem plant leaves. With the neem plant, you need to boil the leaves, as many as you can get your hands on, in a pot for a long time – overnight if possible. Strain (you don’t have to), and add the resulting liquid to your bath water. If you can get your hands on some neem soap and some neem lotion, all the better. This will clear sudden pimples on body in a matter of days, and any other skin conditions you may have as well.

With Aloe Vera, all you need to do is split the leaf width wise so that you can reach at the sap. Apply the sap directly to the skin and let it stay on until it starts to irritate a bit. Rinse off with warm water and natural aloe soap if you have some. Again, this one works really fast and inside of a week or 2, you should see considerable improvement. Read more about Aloe Vera and acne and you’ll see that it’s a wonderful natural acne remedy!

You can get rid of acne breakout all over body. If the medications and the enhanced hygiene don’t work, then go for the herbal remedies. Get them as fresh as you possibly can – processed herbs have an element of chemicals in them sometimes.

Remember to watch your diet too. Eat lots of veggies and roughage and drink lots of water to flush your body out. You may want to see check out this link with on how to get rid of acne everywhere for more additional tips you can use. Good luck in getting rid of sudden pimples on body!