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Why Do I Have Acne

What’s causing my acne quiz?

acne quiz

Why do i have acne quiz

Acne quiz is experienced by everyone at some point in their lives. The top causes of acne quiz are varied and may include multiple causes depending on the individual. Hormonal changes in puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, genetics, bacteria, and some medications are the top causes of acne.

  • Hormonal Changes in Puberty

An increase in hormonal activity during puberty is one of the top causes of acne. Increased hormone levels prompt the sebaceous glands to produce sebum which is lubricating oil for the skin. Excessive sebum production combined with dead skin cells clog the pores of the skin resulting in acne.

  • Bacteria

Pores clogged with sebum and dead skin cells prevent the area from receiving oxygen. This lack of oxygen creates an environment where the bacterium P. acnes proliferate. The bacteria then causes inflammation in the area as the body attempts to heal it. Washing your face twice daily with a gentle soap or cleanser and warm water will help to remove this excess sebum and dead skin cells preventing blockages.

  • Pregnancy and Menstruation

Like puberty, pregnant and menstruating women can have acne breakouts due to wildly fluctuating hormones. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should be very careful when using certain acne products to ensure they are safe for the baby and may be better to opt for some simple and safe home remedies.

  • Medications Can Cause Acne quiz

A side effect of some medications is acne. If you believe this is the cause of your acne problems, consult your physician to see if there is an alternative medication. Anabolic steroids are known as one of the top causes of acne on the back.

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How bad is my acne quiz

Acne quiz and pimples have been miserable in the recent times, not only girls but everyone has been suffering badly with acne. It is a simple question, but carries horrible aspects. You must always be very careful with the dos and don’ts of the removal and protection of acne.  People are totally unable to get through the root cause of acne; there are many theories and different factors that are said to be reasons for acne but none have been able to get rid of it on a long term basis.

In these recent times, acne is one of the most common affecting and teasing disease these days, it has been a problem for all age group people. Mostly teenagers are mostly the ones suffering from acne problems. There are different causes for these acne problems, a list of reasons that cause acne but not a certain root cause that can mainly be blamed for acne.

All those teenagers or different aged people suffering from this acne problem are waiting desperately to find out the root cause of acne quiz so they can get rid of it as soon as they can. You can easily find out the answer for why you have been suffering with this acne problem, as the reasons vary from one to another depending upon the conditions of different people.

The recent medicines and treatments have been proven very effective for acne, there have been plenty of creams, ointments, medicines and face washes. These all contains different skin types and different conditions of a person. Apart from the medical remedies, you can also find out natural and organic treatments that have proved to be very effective with respect to acne. It has been very impressive how modern medicine and treatments have been trying to get closer and closer to the root cause for acne. There have been treatments that can be very effective for acne.

Others causes of acne quiz

Till now the researches that have been proved effective include oil and bacteria as the main causes for acne quiz. In most women the estrogen and other hormones have been called as the causes of acne, they are the reason for the acne formation. Hormonal changes and hormonal factors have a great part to play in the causes of acne. The changes in hormones can enlarge the oil producing sebaceous glands, and this causes the acne formation. Genetic factors are even included in the causes for acne.

In this cause of acne or in any other causes of acne there is not much that you can do to prevent yourself from acne and avoid the causes of acne. But the genetic factors are the ones where you can do nothing about the causes or formation of acne. All you can do is once you have got acne you can get its treatment done with the help of various medicines.

These are the main causes that one can come through, where as there are other causes as well that are the reasons for acne formation. These causes include reactions from some cosmetic product, stress, improper diet and side effects from different medicines. These factors do also play a major lead in the formation of acne.