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Why Do I Have Acne

Causes for Acne on Forehead

Causes for Acne on Forehead
Causes for Acne on Forehead
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7 Causes for Acne on Forehead and How to Get Rid of Forehead Acne

Acne on forehead can make you cringe when you look in the mirror. But, don’t worry. There are many different potential causes as well as solutions for this problem. The chances are that your forehead acne can be explained, and treated with one of these solutions. First, well take a look at some of the different causes for acne on forehead.

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Causes for acne on forehead and Remedies

1) Poor liver function

According to the ancient art of “Chinese face mapping”, the causes for acne on forehead may be linked to poor liver function. However, it is important to keep in mind that modern medicine may conflict with the advice of ancient eastern medicine, so do not immediately assume that your liver is failing. If forehead acne is your worst symptom, then your liver is probably fine.

2) Oil-heavy cosmetics

How to get rid of forehead acne – Limit Cosmetics Usage

It may be that acne on forehead is due to your make-up, moisturizer, or face wash. Many of the aforementioned products contain oils that can clog your pores, causing you to break out. Acetylated lanolin and algae extract just two of the ingredients used in cosmetics known to cause acne outbreaks.

3) Dirty hats and headbands

Think about all of the sweat and oil that gets caught in these articles of clothing. Have you ever noticed how a well-worn baseball cap looks brown on the inside head band? Headbands soak up much of the sweat that seeps from your body during vigorous workouts, nervous moments, and long, hot days. Dirty pillow cases absorb a lot of sweat and oil too. The effect of a dirty headband or pillow case is similar to that of oil-heavy cosmetics. They clog your pores too!

4) Allergic reaction

Acne on forehead may be a symptom of an allergic reaction to a plant, food, or cosmetic product. If the acne on your forehead is accompanied by shortness of breath, fever, vomiting, or any other alarming symptoms seek emergency medical care immediately! Now that we’ve identified some of the possible causes for acne on forehead, let’s view some of the solutions.

5) Change your cosmetic product

Do a little research into the various lotions, make-ups, and moisturizers you use Try finding alternative brands or formulas that do not contain acetylated lanolin or algae extract. If an ingredient list is not available on the container contact the manufacturer via e-mail or telephone.

6) Wash your hats and pillow cases regularly

Get at least 8 hours of sleep

Chances are that you regularly wash your bed sheets, under garments, shirts, and pants. Simply do the same thing with the bedding and articles of clothing that touch your forehead. Remember to check labels for proper washing instructions to avoid shrinking or damage.

7) Detoxify your body

Chew food properly to get rid of acne

This doesn’t have to be drastic. Simply eat a healthier diet that includes leafy greens, and ensure you’re getting enough rest. Providing your body and mind with sufficient rest and adequate nutrition will allow your body to rid itself of toxins, and better utilize vitamins and nutrients. Also, it may help to reduce your alcohol intake. Acne on forehead has many causes and treatments. Clearing up your forehead may be as simple as buying a new face wash, adding your baseball cap or pillow case to your weekly laundry, or cleaning up your diet and sleep hygiene. However, if your acne persists you can always consult with a qualified dermatologist.