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Why Do I Have Acne

Pimples Appearing All Over Body

pimples appearing all over body
Pimples Appearing All Over Body
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How to treat pimples appearing all over body

The issue that we will discuss today is a common theme among most young people and it is a very common theme because it is at that age of youth that there are bigger cases of pimples appearing all over body, here we are going to try some tips which will help us to eliminate that nasty accumulation of fat in our skin.

Pimples are very common in most teens and even adults.

Pimples are grains that leave the body due to obstructions in our pores.

There are cases where these pimples appearing all over body are reddened and become inflamed and producing small cysts filled with pus that on leaving scars throughout the body.

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If you present these types of pimples it is best to visit your doctor because if you practice self-medication you may have abnormalities in your body that can cause serious damage to the skin.

If on the contrary they are more common pimples that normally appear in the body, you can apply the following tips described here to eliminate the pimples appearing all over body, and so you can look a smoother and nutrient skin.

How to eliminate in a natural and effective way the pimples appearing all over body?

The consumption of abundant water is extremely beneficial for purifying the skin as it helps to oxygenate the blood.

Dry green tea together with lemon juice diluted in water is also an ally when it comes to purifying our body and in a good way helps to keep sweating at an optimum rate in our body.

You can boil 4 tablespoons of dry green tea in 1 liter of water. Let cool for about 20 minutes and add the juice of a lemon.

The application of this lotion is to use it by means of a sprayer and thus cover the parts affected by the pimples.

At the time of taking the shower is very advisable to use special soaps, without many scented contents, and to mop gently with a sponge nothing rough.

Never rub very hard on the affected parts, as you will only increase the irritation and this in turn will produce more inflammation.

We recommend exfoliating the skin at least 2 times a week with mixtures of natural creams to eliminate and prevent accumulation of fatty impurities and dead cells.

We must also keep consumption down of saturated fats, milk, chocolates, sausages, sugary drinks, which produce an excess of fats in our body.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is quite recommendable to keep our body free of such pimples; we must include natural foods such as vegetables, fruits and salad, and reject the foods that cause acne.

Apply a fruit peel acid which will help dissolve the keratin and the accumulation of excess dead cells in our skin.

Remember that first of all this is our health first, so we are efficient and cautious when applying these brief tips in our lives would say, we are aware that the use of some ingredients applied indirectly on the skin can cause allergies in our body , If that is the case, stop the practice immediately and consult your doctor.