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Why Do I Have Acne

How to get rid of acne forehead

acne forehead
How to get rid of acne forehead
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In this article we would be talking about how to get rid of acne forehead. The best way to get rid of acne on forehead is to prevent it. We have already talked about what causes forehead acne. If you haven’t read the article then please read: Causes for Acne on Forehead

Following are 8 simple steps or changes that once adopted would help you to prevent acne from appearing on your forehead.

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How to get rid of acne forehead – 8 Simple Steps To Prevent Face Acne

1) Over-cleaning Your Face is Harmful

How to get rid of acne forehead – Don’t over clean your face

In other articles on this blog, we have talked about how you should clean your face to keep your face clean and avoid dirt getting accumulated on your face which would clog the pores and cut off the oxygen thus causing acne. The thing that you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t over do when it comes to cleaning your face.

It is recommended that you only wash your face twice a day. Yes, that’s it. Do it when you are in the shower or before leaving your house and once before sleeping. What many people do is that they clean their face with expensive face wash as soon as return home from some place outside and they do it as many times as they go in and out of their house. That is over doing.

Washing your face twice a day is enough to clean your forehead acne from dead skin cells and bacteria and prevent forehead acne. Make use of a good natural cleanser, toner and moisturizer when you wash your face. This is a no-brainer but keep your towels – the ones which you use for washing your face – separate and do not share it with any person.

Also, if you keep washing your face throughout the day, it will reduce your natural sebum’s minimum level which is required in order to maintain your skin’s lubrication and providing tissue flexibility. The reason acne forehead happens is that the sebaceous glands produce more sebum than required to make up for the lost sebum levels by washing face.

2) Avoid Using Certain Hair Products

How to get rid of acne forehead – Stop using harmful hair products

Many people make use of hair products that are filled with harmful chemicals or excessive fragrances. You might like the smell or the way your hair feels and looks but the harmful chemicals involved in those products might be too strong and might drip through your hair over to your acne forehead and block the pores of your forehead thus causing forehead acne and skin irritation.

You might be using some hair product to stop your oily hair from looking, well, oily. Your hair might start looking less oily but the chemicals involved in that product might be the reason for your acne outburst. If your hair is naturally oily, then you should try washing your hair with plain water frequently and avoid using hair products.

3) Avoid Certain Hair Styles

If you are a fan bangs and fringes and you are seeing acne on your forehead then the choice of your hair style might be the reason. If you have oily hair and you have bangs, then the oil would seep out through your hair and onto your forehead, blocking or clogging the pores and causing outbreak of acne. So, if you suffer from acne forehead, avoid hair styles that involve hair over your forehead.

4) Limit Cosmetics Usage

How to get rid of acne forehead – Limit Cosmetics Usage

Use makeup only when it is inevitable. If you are someone who frequently gets face acne then avoid cosmetics or at least limit the usage. A simple rule to live by is if you have no need to wear makeup then doesn’t. Blushes, toning masks and powder might make your face glow for a little while but they are damaging your skin on the inside. These products contain oil which as we have mentioned, block the pores causing acne on face. What you could do instead is make use of products that are oil-free and water-based. Also, always make sure you clean your face before hitting your head. Never go to bed wearing makeup.

5) Moisturizers Are Your Best Friend

We have talked about how certain cosmetic or hair products block the pores. Moisturizers on the other hand help in loosening pores, thereby increasing oxygen flow, allowing the pores to drain sebum, skin cells that are dead and bacteria which make your acne disappear. They also help you prevent forehead acne as they are responsible for giving skin flexibility to forehead, cheeks and chin. But please read the ingredients when it comes to purchasing a moisturizing. Avoid alcohol-based moisturizers as they can be harsh and that would irritate your skin.

6) Get a Facial

How to get rid of acne forehead – Facial

We aren’t talking about going to a parlor and getting a facial every now and them. What you could do is give yourself a good facial at your own home by using some harmless natural ingredients. Before giving yourself a facial, make sure you read about different types of facials for different types of skin because selecting a wrong type might irritate your skin and cause face acne. Facials help your skin stay clean and hydrated.

7) Peel It

Peeling is the process that removes dead skin cells from your face and promotes collagen formation which reveals a new layer of skin that is fresh looking. If you have acne scars then peeling can help you soften them and help you heal. Peeling could be mechanical or chemical and should be done once every six months to avoid forehead acne.

Natural acids are used when it comes to chemical peeling while the mechanical is done using thick salt minerals.

8) Change Your Bed Sheets & Pillow Cases

How to get rid of acne forehead – Change bed sheets and pillow cases

Make sure you change your pillow cases and bed sheets twice in a week. After using pillows and bed sheets frequently, your forehead comes in contact with the sebum that is released from your face and hair while we are sleeping and causes acne. So make sure to change them.

If you don’t want to change bed sheets and pillow cases all the time or you are just lazy, then spread a towel under your head and sleep away. When you wake up in the morning, just wash the towel and repeat the process.

So if you are looking about how to get rid of acne forehead then follow the steps mentioned above which would help you prevent acne and help you remain acne free.