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Why Do I Have Acne

Why do i have pimples on my neck

pimples on my neck
Why do i have pimples on my neck
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Suddenly I start having problems with pimples on my neck. Up to that point, acne had only been on my face. All of a sudden, the neck pimples are taking over. And these outbreaks can be quite embarrassing.

What causes pimples on my neck?

Skin all over the body has microscopic glands known as the sebaceous glands. The function of these glands is to produce a substance known as sebum. Sebum is essential for keeping your hair and skin looking healthy and lustrous. However, an excess of sebum can cause problems.

When you combine excess sebum with a heavy facial lotion, you are asking for trouble. Many people spread facial creams and lotions all over the face and neck, as they should. However, many times, they get the excess off the face, but not off the neck. That leads to the ideal situation for developing pimples all around the neck.

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Another common reason for these pimples to develop is poor hair removal techniques. If you use wax or shaving to remove excess hair from the neck, you are asking for trouble. Sometimes the hairs grow back and do not get out of the hair follicle properly. In those cases, you can get an ingrown hair. That can lead to clogged pores and thus to pimples also.

So, how do you treat pimples on my neck?

You need to treat those pimples much as you would those that appear on the face. First, clean the area with an anti-acne scrub made to fight off pimples. After thoroughly rinsing the area, spot treat the pimples with an anti-pimple cream containing benzyl-peroxide. This should clear the pimples up within a few days.

How do you prevent these pimples from showing up in the first place?

When applying any facial or neck cream, it is best to only use the recommended amount. Also, if they say get rid of any excess, remove excess from both the neck and face. When you are removing hair from the neck area, be sure to use the least invasive method possible. It will help prevent ingrown hairs from developing.

What else do you need to know about the pimples you get on your neck?

Tea tree oil is a common home remedy for these pimples. This oil is effective for pimples all over the body actually. Other home remedies include ground garlic paste and using a flour and honey mixture.